About Us

WildCraft is an operation which started with the name in 2018 when farther and business owner Clinton Johns saw an opportunity with his sons. The opportunity consisted of upcycled pallet wood and other resources to create products that are rich in both design and function. After the inception of the idea and the name WildCraft manifested within the family, 2020 brought promise when Tristan Johns finished his BCom university degree, deciding to make the idea into reality. Dylan Johns, who owns and runs his own business Cosmic Bazaar, provided help in social responsibility efforts with his connections and high ethical consciousness of his own community.

Tristan had always had a passion for wood work and craftsmanship, Dylan had interests in the permaculture trend, and Clinton had the resources and entrepreneur knowledge to help the venture. On agriculture land near Tableview, Cape Town, an old shed was transformed into a workshop. Together WildCraft was refined to produce the craft you’ve come to love!